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Data Center Consolidation and Migration

Ensure a smooth migration with no downtime with our patented methodologies and automated tools.

IT organizations today are under constant business pressure to modernize their infrastructure to reduce costs, increase agility, foster innovation, and operate more efficiently. In order to do so, many enterprises are taking on data center consolidation, migration, or modernization projects. These initiatives are rare and complex undertakings that have significant impact on business cost, service levels, and IT operations, so comprehensive planning is critical for seamless execution with minimal risk or business disruption.

EMC has been delivering end-to-end data center engagements for nearly 20 years and provides unique value through a combination of seasoned expertise, automated discovery tools, and patented methodology. As the leading provider of converged infrastructure and with a portfolio of pre-engineered cloud solutions, EMC can implement a holistic data center modernization as part of your consolidation or migration initiative. Our leading cloud suitability platforms are used to assess your applications and their business requirements to determine optimal infrastructure placement.

EMC’s patented, application-centric approach to data center consolidation and migration provides a comprehensive solution, including program management, discovery and analysis, planning, and execution, to streamline IT infrastructure, reduce operational costs, improve efficiency, and prepare a foundation for hybrid cloud, converged, or virtual infrastructure.

We utilize automation tools to rapidly discover interdependencies between applications, storage, and servers, which reduces the overall discovery phase from 4-6 months to 4-6 weeks. These automated tools enable us to deliver an accelerated data center solution while eliminating nearly 98% of human error and virtually eradicating migration sequencing and dependency errors.









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